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Shero Xiamen Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and operation of outdoor tactical supplies and sporting goods.  It was formerly a foundry of foreign tactical brands and provides OEM / ODM services to customers all year round.

With the growth of business, Shero Outdoor has established its own foreign trade team. At present, it is an industry and trade company with more than 10 years of export experience. It has 6 members of its foreign trade team, about 35 production line workers and 3 production lines. Shero Xiamen Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. exports products covering tactical clothing, shoes and hats, rucksacks, belts, camouflage nets, etc. The export targets cover more than 20 countries and regions around the world with an annual turnover of about 3 million US dollars.

As an experienced supplier of outdoor tactical supplies, Shero Outdoor has gained a good reputation in long-term cooperation with many customers based on the business philosophy of "Cooperation in good faith, mutual benefit and win-win". We hope that we can help customers stabilize the end market with products of stable quality and reasonable prices. We are also trying to help customers achieve product innovation with more professional suggestions and methods, so as to achieve the healthy development of trade cooperation.

Shero Xiamen Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd., a partner you can trust,

we will not let you down, we help you win the market!